According to a Market study performed by Intel the vending market is undergoing a significant change that will transform the industry. According to that same study global shipment of intelligent vending machines such as the Healthy Vending Touch is forecasted to grow at 49% from 2010-2016 reaching around 2 million units. Currently, the Healthy Vending Touch is the ONLY machine of is kind in the Healthy Vending industry.

As these machines are currently exclusive only to Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisees, we are opening up the door to premium locations and larger profit potential. This is the opportune time to get involved with exclusive, groundbreaking vending equipment and on the ground floor. Be the first in your community to place the Healthy Vending Touch.

Traditionally, vending machines have been “boring” analog devices: put in a dollar and purchase junk. But that image is about to change as unattended retailing/vending is evolving and is now at a technology and sales tipping point, as machines become smart, networked devices for the ongoing quest for more convenience and a better consumer experience.

Welcome, Healthy Vending Touch.

The changing vending landscape is also changing the consumer experience, in three important ways:

• Technology is enabling more suitable, engaging interactions
• Vending is becoming a point-of-purchase marketing opportunity for advertising agencies, product companies and vendors alike
• Consumers are now buying higher-priced goods from vending machines. iPod’s, earphones, cell phones, even computers.

In this new age of social media, marketers are looking for new platforms to create groundbreaking, interactive, engaging digital promotions with enhanced ‘social’ vending machines to catch the consumers’ attention.

The Healthy Vending Touch is providing its franchisees with yet another profit center. To find out more contact us today.